Thank you for supporting my book

March 12, 2014

This is a blog post to thank those kind souls who have contributed to my Indiegogo campaign, which is raising money to market my debut short-story collection, JUSTICE, INC.

The book is being published by Monkey Puzzle Press, a small press that does not have a budget for things like advance-reading copies, advertising, postcards, bookstore fees, or a book tour. Without marketing, your book basically just sits on the shelf and gathers dust. This is the nature of publishing in the modern age. No one can do it alone. Thank you, everyone. This book literally (get it?) would not be possible without you.

We raised $3,745!

In no particular order:

Michelle Crouse

Shalauna Miller

Megan Bell

Chris Bell

Erica Grossman

Sandra Renteria

Paul Osincup

Cheri Coop

Adam Coop

Lois Bridges

Lisa Billig Roina

Tom Parkin

Reg Davey

Rowena Hoseason

Kim Whitrap

Dave Whitrap

Turisa Rucker

Ashleigh Phaneuf

Linda Duits

Jason Quinn Malott

Stacey Merkl

Christina Torres-Petitt

Branden Petitt

Dana Jacobs

Chad Jacobs

Amy Kathleen Ryan

Phil Heron

Kelly Bartlett

Frank Westworth

Lindsey Barger

Adriana Montenegro

Marisa Lubeck

Josie Pack

Dave Lieberman

Cortney Holles

Demesia Razo

Dyland Wilson

Chris Gotcu

Kent Bridges

Nicole James

BJ Heck

Tim Cochran

Kathy Brill

Emmett Evanoff

Luke Franklin

There have also been several anonymous donors. I don’t know who you are, but thank you.

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