Autobiographical Stories

Everybody Cut Loose

Off the Grid (Selected for inclusion in the Best of the Net 2012 Anthology)

All Dolls Go to Heaven

Reading is Fundamental

Denim Virgins

Hair: A Confession

American Idolatry

Hooked: An Unethical Interview from the Prostitute Files

The Eccentric Mushroom Bongo Test


That’s Irrelevant

Awarded first place in the “personal column” category by the Society of Professional Journalists in 2008

America’s Fortress of Solitude

We’ll Always Have Paris

The Great American Novelty (0r What I Learned from Czech Prostitutes about Art)

The Importance of Being Offensive

Vote My Conscience

Sins of the Flesh (or What Zombies can Teach Us about Culture)

Normal is Crazy

Last Call

I am Stupid and so are You


Feature-Length Articles

Against the Stream: One Man’s Story of Obsession, Rebellion, and Fly-Fishing

Take a Look in Africa

Bugs Bunny on Broadway

The Truth-Teller: Bill Maher


Shorter Articles

The Amazing True Story of a Man and His Robot

Britney’s Bush

We’ll Always Have MySpace: Zach Galifianakis

Return to Sender

Those Barbaric Yawpers

Between a Rocky and a Hard Place: How Rocky Balboa Taught Your Mom to Fear Black Men and Communism


Articles About Writers I Like

Born Again-Again: Sherman Alexie

Hunter S. Thompson’s Legacy

You Still Don’t Love Me Yet: Jonathan Lethem

Now You Don’t: Eli Gottlieb


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