Sam Drift is a small-town movie reviewer who is forced to write an article about an exotic dancer that recently died outside of an unpopular strip club. His editor says it’s a simple slip-and-fall, but Sam isn’t so sure. Maybe the dame had a drug problem. Perhaps she ran afoul of the mob. Now she’s swimmin’ with the fishes, see. In the meantime, Sam’s ex is back in town for a film festival, where she’s attending the premiere of a movie that she stole from Sam when she left him. Will Sam solve the murder and get the girl? Or is he in over his pot-smoking head?

Part Big Sleep and part Big LebowskiThe Mean Reds is a quirky small-town mystery told by one of the most unreliable narrators ever known.






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“Daring, surreal, and darkly dystopian.” -The Daily Camera

Imagine a future where orphan children are adopted by international corporations and forced into indentured servitude, where zombie viruses are spread through heterosexual intercourse, where Osama bin Laden is cloned by the thousands for public execution. Welcome to the world of Justice, Inc. No one is safe. Nothing is sacred. And all sales are final.

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Here’s what people are saying about Justice, Inc.:

“There is something immediately charming about Dale Bridges’ prose. He is playful, but not unseriously so. He is experimental, but not in a way that ignores meaningful human interaction. I admire Bridges as a thinker — and he does think in his fiction, which is rare — and I do envy the range of his intelligence and talent. This first book is a shot across the bow of our culture. He will write many more, but read this one first.”

Okla Elliott, author of The Cartographer’s Ink and From the Crooked Timber


Justice, Inc. may seem to be about robots, zombies, and clones, but it’s actually about you and me. In the grand tradition of Tom Robbins and Christopher Moore, Bridges’ wonderful collection of short stories brings to life fantastical worlds that let us laugh and cry about our own.”

Joel Warner, co-author of The Humor Code: A Global Search for What Makes Things Funny


“If artists are the antennae of the race and Bridges is the voice of reason, it’s clear we’re all damned. In the age of slick formula fiction, the author breathes refreshing new life into the short story form. These are bizarre times, and Bridges attacks them with a brutal sense of humor and a savage pen. Here’s an original writer who’s going places.”

Ben Corbett, author of This is Cuba: An Outlaw Culture Survives


Dale Bridges writes not with a pen but a skewer, piercing the absurdity of our cosmic sitcom with clarity and humor. Justice, Inc. is philosophical satire in the vein of Kurt Vonnegut and George Saunders—fellow madmen who have stared into the abyss and come away laughing. Be warned that there is a fifth steed of the apocalypse, and its name is Justice—and Bridges is lashing the whip, breathing fire, and coming for us all.”

Vince Darcangelo, editor of Transgress Magazine and the literary blog Ensuing Chapters


Justice, Inc. is a book that I wish I had written, a book that George Saunders could have written, and book that Dale Bridges did write. The characters in these stories are people pushed to the limits of their existence by a future we never expected, a world where technology and capitalism have pushed them against the wall. Bridges captures that conflict perfectly. I hope I’m dead and gone before Bridges’ world becomes truth—it’s already happening.”

Jason Hardung, author of The Broken and the Damned and The Names of Lost Things


“Dale writes with humor and wit about society’s grim future. He examines our moral compass with a keen eye, throwing zombies, clones, and robotics at an apathetic world that has lost its way.”

The Masters Review


“I read the entire collection in one feverish sitting, marveling as shit just kept getting weirder and weirder, and by the end, I felt like I was reading a dystopian masterpiece.”

Ariana D. Den Bleyker, Founder and Editor-in-Chief of ELJ Publications, LLC and author of Hatched from Bone, My Father Had a Daughter, Naked Animal, and many, many more collections (click here to read the full review)


“Welcome to the future. Ubiquitous… Ruminative… Baleful. Three words that people almost never say in real life, but whose meanings apply rather nicely to this book. In Justice, Inc. Dale Bridges looks into present day society vs. the fate of humanity and deals out a mighty helping of ‘What If’ stories, plunging pen first into futuristic pools to explore the big ticket items like mortality, where babies come from, and the endless complications involved with having a girlfriend. Sturgeon’s Law states that 90% of pretty much everything is friable crap. (Long Live Statistics!). Triumphantly, Justice, Inc. lives on the flipside in that remaining 10%.”

Rob Geisen, author of The Aftermath etc, by Get in the Car, Helen.


“The setting of Justice, Inc. is a terrifying near future where babies come in boxes, girlfriends are assembled, giant retailers adopt orphans, and people live forever. Bridges examines the full consequences of these alternate futures with vivid characters, sparkling dialogue, and beautifully constructed plots. Bridges brings both a gallows humor and a sense of desperation to these tales that only heightens our awareness that the intersection of our fears and our technology just might bring us into this world.”

Arsen Kashkashian, Kash’s Book Corner


“Funny, vivid, brutal — who knew the next godpiss George Saunders was living in Texas and working at a used bookstore? p.s. I hope the future doesn’t look remotely like this.”

Steve Knopper, author of Appetite for Self-Destruction: The Spectacular Crash of the Record Industry in the Digital Age and freelance writer for the New York Times, Rolling Stone, and Wired


“So if it’s out-of-the-box thinking you’re looking for and a wry, gritty observational tone that skirts the edges of social offense and humor, Justice, Inc is just the ticket. Expect the unexpected, for it’s the norm in each story of Dale Bridges’ hard-hitting collection.”

Diane Donovan, Senior eBook Reviewer at Midwest Book Review (click here to see the full review)


“Bridges’ new collection is daring, surreal, and darkly dystopian.”

The Daily Camera


“Dale Bridges attacks the hollow pillars of consumerism and does so with the sharp know-how of a wizened satirist. This book will keep you laughing and force you to question the society you inhabit.”

-David Accomazzo, Phoenix New Times


“Bridges not only infuses an element of wry humour into his stories, he also keeps them very human, and just a little bit familiar.”



“Justice, Inc. lives up to its billing. Dale Bridges has channeled his acerbic vision of American corporate dystopia into enjoyable satire.”

The New Podler Review of Books (click here to read the full review)


“Dale Bridges’ story collection is a surreal blast of ridiculous mortals in post-apocalyptic situations, reminiscent of Saunders. It is rich and humorous, capturing unmitigated humanity at its most absurd. Strange, magnetic, and irresistible: Get a copy!”

Meg Tuite, author of Bound By Blue and fiction editor at Connotation Press


“If you’ve read and understood works by Etgar Keret, Julio Cortazar, or Philip K. Dick you’re bound to fall in love with Justice, Inc.”

Anthony Ilacqua, author of Undertakers of Rain and editor-in-chief of Umbrella Factory Magazine


“If this is the future of dystopian fiction, the future is looking damn good!”

Kelly Smith, book reviewer at Kelly Smith Reviews


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