My short story has been published in an anthology

September 20, 2013

My short story “Welcome to Omni-Mart” has been published in an anthology of dystopian fiction called Tuned to a Dead Channel. It’s being put out by an independent press based in England called Dagda Publishing. There are 14 stories in total, and the price is just $8.99. Right now, you can purchase it at CreateSpace, or you can purchase it at Amazon as a paperback or the Kindle version is $3.99.

While I’m always thankful to be published, I would like to give a specific shout out to Dagda for their charity work. It’s not a big publishing house, but they still give ten percent of their profits to charity, which I find extremely commendable. Therefore, when you buy a copy, you not only support the literary community, you also give to a worthy cause.

3 Responses to “My short story has been published in an anthology”

  1. davidprosser Says:

    Congratulations Dale. I hope it sells well for you and for charity.

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